MARCH 15 2022

so i got this thing to work! i'm using neocities... for now, because it's free, and yes, free does beat having to pay for a domain name and a web server. i am a slave to convenience after all. anyway, yeah, this website is up, it's 4:30 in the morning almost, and here i am, just typing a new entry onto this blog/journal/early internet version of a "blog" or a "twitter" thing aaaggh

i did see The Batman earlier, actually a pretty damn solid and fun movie! 8.5/10.

maybe i should do more film reviews or something, huh.

MARCH 14 2022

a few mornings ago, i had a dream that i was a centaur, it didn't feel weird or anything but it just happened in my dream and it was fucking amazing in hindsight

i think i realized that when i woke up and was at a point between awareness and dreamstate when i knew what i was thinking more and tried to move my human legs like my horse ones and tried to stand on my hind hooves

and mount something

maybe that's the line between lucidity and dreaming i need to... ahem, lucid dream

fuck, i don't care please let me become my real self i don't care what it takes just let me be ME

FEBRUARY 25 2022 PT 1

this war that's going on in ukraine is fucking scary

fuck the russian government

fuck putin

is all

FEBRUARY 25 2022 PT 2

i am hoping you are okay

i am hoping everything is wonderful

i don't know the reason

why i'm here

why you are

but i am happy anyway, i am happy for you now. i am deciding that the world seems to be perfect in every which way single form