who are you?

hi, i'm 0, i'm a trans(species) centaur and i make music, and this is the totally epic """decentralized""" (currently) web3 crypto metaverse website i have just created because that's what it is all about, right ?

anyway pls visualize me as the centaur on the homepage, thank you

why did you make a website? it's 2022

i wanted to make a space for my thoughts and my feelings that was all my own, that had the least amount of input from any social media company as to how it'd be laid out, who would see it and what i'd be able to say here.

why does your website look like this?

i made this website in adobe golive 4.0 from 1999 in mac os 9! i love the idea of it being so simple that it's really just basic html... but at the same time, i don't really know html? so i thought that this might help me out. at least at first. i did make this site in QEMU, but i used a period-accurate apple cinema display to make it, so i hope that helps.

deeper things
what do you mean, you're a centaur?

i've had dysphoria over being a centaur since i was 8 years old

at least that's like

the first inkling of any feeling of knowing about it that i had yes

how can you have dysphoria for being nonhuman?

i wish i knew the answer to that - i'm trying to figure out the same way you are. all i know is that i do, and that i've tried and searched for years to figure out that exact question. the only thing i've really figured out are ways to deal with that dysphoria

saying you're transspecies is disrespectful to transgender people, and casts a bad light on the LGBT movement

there was a time i perhaps could have agreed, but the idea that transspecies people can exist is not inherently disrespectful to transgender rights and acceptance. what i think is far more disrespectful, actually, is the real transphobia that is making its way through my country (the US)'s legislatures, denying transgender healthcare for minors while banning discussion or education of LGBT issues under the idea that it's "harmful" for children to hear about these issues.

equating a few people who call themselves trans due to our experiences with species dysphoria to people who are actively discriminating against and taking away trans rights i think is much more offensive.

especially when much of that argument is based around respectability politics and the idea that trans people need to seem more "normal" in society to gain rights